Tapped Density Tester is Tapped Density Analyzer or Tapped Density Meter . AimSizer's Tapped Density Tester is a bulk density tester used to measure the tapped density of bulk powders, as well as granulated or flaked materials by standardized and repeatable procedures. AimSizer Tap Density Testers are divided into LABULK 335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester and discontinued AS-100 Economic Tapped Density Tester . AimSizer tap density testers meet all international standards such as USP 616 , ASTM, ISO, EP etc. AS-100 Tap Density Tester has been upgraded to LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester, price unchanged.

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  • • Physical Property to measure: tap density/tapped density, Hausner ratio(HR), Compressibility Index(CI)

    • Sample Loading Volume: standard 5-250 mL or as per request

    • Timing range: 0-99,999 sec(freely set)

    • Counting range: 0-999,999 sec(freely set)

    • Tap height: 3 or 14 mm

    • Frequency: 250/300(or any data)

    • Measurement: W33 x D 31 x H 23 cm (Cylinder excepted)

    • Power: 220V/110V/50/60Hz

    • RS-232 connection to electric balance

    • Test results output by integrated printer

    • Internal Database save test results

  • • Login as Admin or User
  • •  Measure tap density of bulk powders

    •  110/220V and plug available as per request

    •  Timed working, automatically stop at set time

    •  Double work stations, two samples are tested at the same time

    •  Appearance is exquisite, light weight and size, reasonable structure for easy maintenance

    •  Tap height adjustable from 3 up to 14 mm to meet all standards

    •  Meet accuracy and precision requirement of pharmaceuticals

    • Login either as Adminstrator or User. Only Admin can modify the setup, GMP compliance. NEW !

    • Test reulsts are saved to Database for record, GMP complicance. NEW !

    •  New generation of operating system, control the operation by 7” LCD precisely

    •  Automatic communication check between host and modules and host and accessories.

    •  Alternative testing mode, tap time or number freely set

    •  Tap density tester calibration such as Tap height selection, being printed on the test report

    •  In addition to default frequency, user can freely set any rpm to meet special requirement

    •  In addition to tap number, user can freely set any tap number to meet special requirement.

    •  During test all the set parameters are visible to understand and evaluate working conditions

    •  RS-232 connects host and balance, weight number automatically shown on LCD

    •  Simply a touch to print reports in very detail

    •  Flowability such as Hausner ratio or Compressibility are obtained during measure tap density



  • Density measurement of Pharmaceuticals(Compressibility Index, Hausner Ratio), Minerals, Pigment, Metal Powders and Compounds, Catalysts, Coffee, Tea, Compounds and other powders suitable to be tested according to above mentioned international standards.
  • Definition of tapped density is an increased bulk density attained after mechanically tapping a container containing the powder sample (tap density testing machine). Tapped density is obtained by mechanically tapping a graduated measuring cylinder or vessel containing a powder sample. After observing the initial powder volume or weight, the apparatus measuring cylinder or vessel is mechanically tapped, and volume or weight readings are taken until little further volume or weight change is observed. The mechanical tapping is achieved by raising the cylinder or vessel and allowing it to drop under its own weight a specified distance by either of three methods as during tapping may be preferred to minimize any possible separation of the mass during tapping down. This parameter is very important in packing the material. During tapping of the sample, the smaller particles try to fit themselves in gaps of the larger particles and hence the total volume of the powder reduces.
- What are the features of accoustic cabinet for AimSizer tap density tester?


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