Tapped Density Tester, also named Tapped Density Analyzer or Tapped Density Meter . AS-100 Tapped Density Tester is a bulk density tester used to measure the tapped density of powders, as well as granulated or flaked materials by standardized and repeatable procedures. AS-100 Tap Density Testers are divided into one-station tapped density tester and two-station tapped density tester. AS-100 tap density testers meet all international standards such as USP, ASTM, ISO, EP etc.



  • - Tap Density Apparatus: settling/tapping apparatus,graduated cylinders
  • - Test Report Output:Integrated Micro Printer(paper width 57mm)
  • - Operation: LED and membrane pannel
  • - Number of strokes: selectable from 1-99999
  • - Speed(Variable): USP Method I 300 ± 1 tap/min; USP Method II and ASTM 250 ± 1 tap/min
  • - Drop Height(Variable) : USP Method I 14 ± 2 mm; USP Method II and ASTM 3 ± 0.3 mm
  • - Station Number: Single platform/Dual platform
  • - Accuracy:< 1 tap of 10000 taps
  • - Graduated Cylinder: Glass(calibrated)
  • - Input power: AC 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
  • - Dimensions:35.8 cm W x 51.6 cm H* x 29.7 cm D (* height with 100mL cylinder)
  • - Weight: 13.8 kg net; 15 kg gross
  • -Flexible parameter adjustment
  • The AS-100 Tapped Density Tester changes easily the key parameter such as tapping speed and drop height in order to meet various international standards.
  • -Digital LCD Display,Fast and easy operation
  • The LED and membrane control pannel brings operator an easy and fast operation. Accurate to 4 decimals. Automatically saving all the test information.
  • -Reduced noise
  • AS-100 is equipped with a safeguard accoustic cabinet in order to reduce the noise level, while operator can monitor the operation through the front transparent plexiglass door.
  • -Easily outputting hard copy
  • The integrated micro computer prints the test data including Sample No, Weight, Volume, Tap Number, Tap Density and Operator by simply pressing the button on membrane.
  • -Easy to clean
  • The outter surface is plastic coated, it is strong and resistant to any powders non-corrosive or corrosive. It makes for the cleaning procedure as well as a longer working life.
  • Density measurement of Pharmaceuticals(Compressibility Index, Hausner Ratio), Minerals, Pigment, Metal Powders, Catalysts, Coffee, Tea, Compounds and other powders suitable to be tested according to above mentioned international standards.
  • Definition of tapped density is an increased bulk density attained after mechanically tapping a container containing the powder sample. Tapped density is obtained by mechanically tapping a graduated measuring cylinder or vessel containing a powder sample. After observing the initial powder volume or weight, the apparatus measuring cylinder or vessel is mechanically tapped, and volume or weight readings are taken until little further volume or weight change is observed. The mechanical tapping is achieved by raising the cylinder or vessel and allowing it to drop under its own weight a specified distance by either of three methods as during tapping may be preferred to minimize any possible separation of the mass during tapping down. This parameter is very important in packing the material. During tapping of the sample, the smaller particles try to fit themselves in gaps of the larger particles and hence the total volume of the powder reduces.
- What are the features of accoustic cabinet for AS-100 tap density tester?

Tap Density Tester Pictures

tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/tap-density-tester-glass-cylinders.gif tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/bulk-density-vs-dry-density.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/as-100-tap-density-tester-price-manufacturers-20140510.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/tap-density-tester-switch-power-plug.JPG tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/as-100-tap-density-tester-speed-control.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/as-100-tap-density-tester-printer-result-report-20150507.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/as-100-tap-density-determination-tester-june-10-2015.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/tap-density-tester-calibration-measure-tap-height-aug-25-2016.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/fine-ceramics-powders-advanced-technical-ceramics-tap-density-tester-sep-6-2016.gif tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/add-or-remove-tapping-washer-of-as100-tap-density-teser.gif tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/as-100-tap-density-tester-installation-june-07-2016.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/tap-density-tester-tapping-height-international-standards-usp-616.jpg tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/tap-density-tester-cylinder-installation.gif tapped-density-testers-images-and-pictures/as-100-tap-density-tester-accoustic-cabinet.jpg

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