301-13 What is the difference between HMKTest tapped density tester and other tapped density testers?

There are two kinds of HMKTest tapped density testers. One is economical type, the other is intelligent touch screen type. There are a large number of tapped density tester manufacturers at home and abroad, the quality performance is uneven. The reason why HMKTest has always maintained a leasing position in the field of tapped density tester is that it always takes improving product function and ensuring product quality as the basis for development. HMKTest LABULK 335 Intelligent Touch Screen Tapped Density tester has the following leading technologies compared with other tapped density testers:

1.Intelligent touch screen. With the development of industry, people are becoming more and more picky about the control of instruments. In response to this requirement, HMKTest is the first company in the world to develop intelligent touch screen tapped density tester. Users can easily, intuitively and intelligently control the whole process of tapped density measurement by gently touching the operation screen.

2.Powder flowability index. The tapped density measured by the tapped density tester will directly affect the powder fluidity index. However for a long time, these fluidity index have been unable to be provided due to technical fault. HMKTest, together with the international first class powder fluidity research experts, has finally developed the world’s first tapped density tester that combines the tapped density and powder fluidity into one after countless discussions and improvements. Users can get multiple indexes in a test, which opens a fast channel for the comprehensive characterization of powders.

3. Multiple SOPs are available. Standard operating procedures have long been the pursuit of testers. Only in this way can the repeatability and reproducibility of the detection instrument be maximized. In terms of many measurement parameters of powder tapped density, HMKTest adopts a series of SOPs.

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