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  • Backed up by Society of Particuology and Association for Instrumental Analysis, ISO 9001:2015, AIMSIZER SCIENTIFIC PTE.LTD. has been operating under the brand AimSizer since 1997 with target of international high-end particle size test instrument market. The starter product is AimSizer AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer.
  • After the year of 2004, AimSizer constantly gets the urgent demand of international users in terms of particle size. Because in the particle size field, there are some powders that laser particle size analyzers can’t measure. AimSizer actively refers to international standards, cooperates with internationally renowned experts and upgrades the technology, and develops HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer which adapt to the international high-end market, AIR-200 Air Jet Sieve, etc. International granularity user’s satisfaction is the continuous power to push us forward.
  • While satisfying the particle size market, AimSizer invested capital in the research of powder flowability test, and successfully developed the world's first AS-300A Automatic Hall Flowmeter and HMKFlow 6393 PT1000 Carr Index Powder Characteristic Tester which more fully meet the user's powder flowability testing requirements.

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301-10 Working Principle of Tapped Density Tester?

Working principle of the tapped density tester is as follows: LABULK 0335 Tap Density Tester Tap Density Tester Principle The loose bulk powder is loaded into a graduated measuring cylinder to measure the sample volume. Fix the measuring cylinder on the tapped assembly. Move the bottom of tapped assembly through eccen ... + Read more

ASTM B 212

Name of ASTM B 212 ASTM B212 Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Free-Flowing Metal Powders Using the Hall Flowmeter Funnel Significance and Use #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #ga ... + Read more


astm b212 –astm b417 –iso 4490 –What is Apparent Density Significance and Use The rate and uniformity of die cavity filling are related to flow properties, which thus influence production rates and uniformity of compacted parts. The ability of a powder to flow is a function of interparticle frictio ... + Read more

301-48 What is tapped density tester

301-48 What is tapped density tester The tapped density meter is a commonly used instrument in laboratory, it is also a measurement tool which measure the powder’s tapped density. The measurement is accomplished by the following methods: first, weigh the powder and then pour it into a graduated measuring cylinder (usua ... + Read more

301-53 How to verify the accuracy of the tapped density tester

301-53 How to verify the accuracy of the tapped density tester The customers buy the tapped density tester. The manufacturer claims that the tapped density meter meets this or that domestic and international standards. As a customer , how to verify the accuracy of the tapped density tester? Generally, the following met ... + Read more

301-4 What is the tapped tensity?

The tapped density is one of the powder’s bulk density. The bulk density is about vibrating the powder in a container, usually a graduated measuring cylinder. After the vibration time, the vibration height and the frequency being carried out in strict accordance with the relevant international standards, we get a kind ... + Read more