510-37 What is vacuum negative pressure sieve air jet sieve? Air flow sieve

Vacuum negative pressure sieving instrument is to use the negative pressure to complete the sieving. Here are two points need to be understood:

One is vacuum negative pressure

The other is sieve

The use of negative pressure in sieving is a major is a major contribution of HMTest to the domestic sieving industry. The negative pressure here is the suction generated by the vacuum cleaner. Under complex airflow mechanism, the suction force is transformed into air jet force. So the negative pressure sieve is also more commonly known as the air flow sieve or air jet sieve. The sieving here is not industrial production sieving, but the experimental analysis, specially, sieving on particle size analysis level. This is an instrument, not a mechanical device. This kind of sieving has been widely used in the laboratory.

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