510-26 What is the air jet sieve? Purchase air jet sieve air flow sieve

The instrument is invented and developed by foreigners. The original english name is air jet sieve. It is mainly used in the laboratory. It is an instrument for sieving the particle size distribution instead of used in industrial production. The air flow sieve used in industrial production is different from it used in laboratory in working principle and structure. Both of them use air flow to sieve.

The working principle of the air jet sieve is that the nozzle with patent technology converts the negative pressure generated by the vacuum cleaner into kinetic energy, drives the powder to rise and collide with the sieve cover, and the powder to remove the polymer particles is then sucked to the standard sieve by the negative pressure. Larger particles are left on top of the sieve, while smaller particles are sucked into the vacuum cleaner to achieve an ideal sieving of the powder.

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