510-59 Special particle size distribution analyzer-air jet sieve for plastic materials PES-polyether sulfone

The special particle size distribution analyzer for plastic materials PES-polyether sulfone is air jet sieve. Polyether sulfone resin (PES), a thermoplastic polymer with excellent comprehensive performance developed by ICI in 1972, is one of the few special engineering plastics applied at present. It has excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, insulation properties, etc., especially in the high temperature continuous use and in the environment of rapid temperature changes can still maintain stable performance and other outstanding advantages, in many fields has been widely used. Heat resistance: thermal deformation temperature at 200~220℃, continuous use temperature is 180~200℃,UL temperature index is 180℃. Hydrolysis resistance: resistant to 150~160℃ hot water or steam, it is also resistant to acid and alkali at high temperature. base modulus in -100℃ to 200℃ is almost the same, especially in the more than 100℃ is better than any kind of thermoplastic resin. Creep resistance: within the temperature range under 180℃, creep resistance is one of that of the best thermoplastic resin. In particular, glass fiber reinforced PES resin are superior to some thermosetting resins. Dimensional stability: small linear expansion coefficient and low temperature reliability are its characteristics. The characteristic is that 30% glass fiber reinforced PES resin, the linear expansion coefficient is only 2.3×10 /℃, and can still have s similar value to aluminum until the temperature reaches 200℃. Shock resistance: it has the same impact resistance as polycarbonate. Unreinforced resins can be riveted, but are more sensitive to sharp cuts, so pay attention to the design. Nontoxicity: in terms of hygiene standards, it is approved by FDA from USA. It also meets the requirements of Japanese ministry of health announcement No.434 and No.178. Non-flammability: self-extinguishing, excellent non-flammability without adding any flame retardant, up to level UL94V—0 (0.46). Chemical resistance: PES is resistant to gasoline, oil, lubricating oil and other oils and Freon cleaning agents. It has the best solvent cracking resistance among amorphous resins. However, it can be dissolved in chloroform, acetone and other polar solvents. This property determines that only air jet sieve can be used to analyze the particle size accurately.

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