301-39 Full automatic compaction packing density meter and tapped density tester

301-39 Full automatic compaction packing density meter and tapped density meter

LABULK 0335 Tapped Density Meter is an instrument that is used to measure powders’ density meter. The automatic tapped density meter is composed of touch screen operation panel, vibration module, motor, printer, electronic balance and measuring cylinder. LABULK 0335 Powder Tapped Density Meter developed according to the method of tapped density measurement stipulated by international and domestic standards works according to the set rotation speed and vibration height, so that the sample measuring cylinder containing dry powder placed on the vibration component vibrates up and down, and the tapped density of the powder is measured. The measurement parameter can be set at will, the instrument can measure and print automatically. Beside the tapped density test, the fluidity index of the powder can also be measured automatically. It is widely used in metal, medicine, food, plastics, minerals and battery tapped density measurement and other fields. The instrument manufacturer and supplier is Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co.,Ltd. The type is LABULK 0335. The instrument adopts international advanced bulk testing technology to design and manufacture. The main parameter performance of the instrument is consistent with the imported tapped density meter, and the price of the instrument is reasonable. HMKTest has become the first choice for laboratory tapped density meter purchase.

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