301-Tap Density Formula

Last Update: July 16, 2019

Tap Density Formula

  • Tap density formula is an equation used to calculate the tap density.
  • Such equation is usually expressed as T = M/Vf,
  • T is tapped density,
  • M is total mass of material,
  • Vf is final volume of mass after tapping.
  • tap density formula is manually calculated by operator before invent of intelligent tap density tester
  • In other words, tap density formula is Tap density=Weight of the sample/Volume of the silinder after tapping the sample
  • Also is density means mass/volume,tapped density = Wt. of sample taken / volume of sample in the cylinder after tapping
  • Also is Tapped Density- W/V,where W is weight of sample,V is final tapped volume,this is as per USP
  • Also is Weight of the substance,Tapped density = ————————–,Volume of the substance (after tapping),The density of solids normally expressed in g per cm3 ,and liquids is normally expressed in g per ml. However ,because powder volumes are measured in cylinders graduated ,in ml, tapped density is expressed in g/ml.
  • Also is weight of sample/volume of sample
  • Also is Tap density=Weight of the sample/Volume of the sample in the cylinder

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