301-24 GBT/21354 General method for the determination of tapped density of powder products

The method of tapped density measurement refers to the method of using tapped density meter to determine the tapped density of powder. These methods actually is to compact the powder sample. Put the powder in a graduated glass measuring cylinder (or calibrated metal measuring cup). Lift the measuring cylinder to a certain height and then drop it freely. Repeat many times. The vibration frequency and falling height of different samples are slightly different according to the requirements of different industry standards for the determination of tapped density. The final volume decreases, and the mass divided by the volume is the tapped density of powder.  HMKTest LABULK 0335 is the most advanced tapped density meter in the world.

ISO 3953的。GB/T 21354-2008 general method for the determination of tapped density of powder products is the national standard for measuring the tapped density. Its content is reference and equivalent to the international standard ISO 3953.

There are following parts in the standard:

  • Range
  • Principle
  • Symbol
  • Device
  • Sample
  • Process
  • Result
  • Test report


This standard specifies the method for determination of powder tapped density which vibrates the powder in the container under certain conditions. The HMKTest tapped density meter fully complies with the range of requirements of this standard.

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