301-23 How does the mechanical vibration device work?

The main working method of the tapped density meter is compaction which is realized by mechanical vibration device. Mechanical vibration device vibrates up and down. Upward movement is generated by the bottom being moved by the CAM and the downward movement is free fall. This causes the powder in the cylinder to do the same. This kind of device looks simple, actually is subject to international and domestic standards. For example, the HMKTest tapped density meter’s vibration frequency of the mechanical vibration device is strictly subject to the standard constraints. It can’t be neither too fast nor too slow.

It is the same with vibration level which can’t be neither too high nor too low. This is determined by HMKTest taking into account all international and domestic standards related to the tapped density. It is recommended to use HMKTest LABULK 0335 Intelligent Touch Screen Tapped Density Meter, the world’s most advanced third-generation intelligent tapped density meter.

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