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Particle Size Analyzer Price

When it comes to particle size analyzer price we have to specify all types of world’s most widely used particle size analyzers. As we all know different theories or principles being used by different particle size analyzer manufacturers generate different particle size analyzer cost.

AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer by HMKTest

AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer by HMKTest

The most popular today is laser particle size analyzer, the amount is subject to the size range or the test method (liquid or dry). Liquid-test laser particle size analyzers with broad size range are much more premium than those with narrow size range. Dry-test laser particle size analyzers relatively value more amount than same size-range liquid-test laser particle size analyzers. In addition to dry dispersion technology there are more auxiliary accessories are required such as vacuum and air compressor. The expense of submicron(less than 1 micrometer) laser particle size analyzer is higher than micron(from 1 micrometer to 1000 micrometer)laser particle size analyzer. The portable particle size analyzer price maybe higher than a desk top particle size analyzer. The laser particle size analyzer made by an advanced country is much higher than a laser particle size analyzer made by a developing country.

231108 What does a laser beam do in a laser diffraction measurement?

A laser beam passes through a dispersed particulate sample and the angular variation in intensity of the scattered light is measured

 1. Before going on to purchase, user has to specify the following situations:

1.1 User’s own budget decides the choice of an instruments made by China or made by advanced countries: usually imported particle size analyzer cost around USD 60,000/set however china-made cost around USD 10,000/set to USD 30,000/set (To be contrinue)

1.2 Decide purchasing dry method or liquid method particle size analyzers according to properties of samples to be measured: If we could find proper agent, whatever water or other liquids, which does not act with samples to be tested, liquid particle size analyzers are recommended in order to save the cost. Liquid particle size analyzers give stable results and cost-effective price. However if the sample is special and easily acts with liquids, dry laser particle size analyzers are recommended, but the price is much higher.

1.3 Select instrument model suitable for user’s sample size range according to the primary particle size distribution: Bigger particle sizer range cost bigger budget.Usually, the most cost-effective choice is to enquire the particle size analyzers with size range a bit broader than user’s requirement. The particle size analyzers in the nowaday market covers 2-3 ranges, but most samples to be tested in regular industrial applications come within only one range. If a buyer’s particle size distribution is narrow, but he order a particle size analyzer with extended size range, it looks like he measure a cell with a meter, such move will reduce the test accuracy and the price and performance ratio becomes much lower other than higher. The sectional size range could lead to poor accuracy which lead to poor price as well. However a full course such as 0.02 to 2,000 micrometer is costly.


1.4 Select the particle size analyzer type according to the purpose: High-end and most-advanced particle size analyzer is not necessary if only a regular inspection is required. Basic particle size analyzers have gone through years of improvement and features optimized structure,stable test particle size analysis results as well as lower rate. Those particle size analyzers manufacturers with large requirement of test, automaticly and intelligently advanced particle size analyzers are recommended since it can enormously reduce the work burden for the operator. High-end particle size analyzers are designed for colleagues and scientific institutes who focus on the research. Such particle size analyzers are highly rated with extended size range, high precision and complicated configuration.


2. Buy from professional manufacturers like AimSizer equipped with high technical strengths


2.1 Particle size analyzers are scientific instruments featuring high-tech and it is demanding for particle size analyzer manufacturers. Before buy a particle size analyzer, do some analysis on the manufacturers.


Usually buyer choose those equipped with strong technical basis, advanced development capability and specialized manufacturers. Small-scale producers are not recommended due to immature technology and subject to breakdown in several years. An equipment not backed up by good after service and maintenance service equals nothing.

3. Aspects need to be check about particle size analyzers

There are several aspects needed to be check about air jet sieve analysis particle size analyzer below:

  • Availability of advanced functions: The lastest advanced functions includes open mesh function, automatic calculation function, air pressure monitor function.

There are several aspects need to be check about laser particle size analyzers below:

  • Selection of laser: The major parts of a laser particle size analyzers is laser, a robust laser with good performance is the best choice. Tthere are HE-NE laser and semiconductor laser diode, both can work well.
  • Photoelectric detector: the variety of the domestic photoelectric detectors are the same, but in general, are the semi-ring and dot matrix type, etc. The advantage of the semi-ring type is able to achieve very high detection accuracy with less channels.And in the event of a broken ring occurrence , it can take the synthesis operation,which has little impact on test results. The dot-matrix type belongs to the older detector and is less used now.
  • Structure issue: it is mainly divided into integral type and split type, and the integral type is to intergate the disperse system and test system with collaborative operations,but the split type is a decentralized system independent of the test system ,the testers need to firstly operate the disperse system to disperse the samples well and export the dispersed samples with the pipeline into the test system. This disadvantage is that the collaborative operation is bad and the heavier particles are easy to precipitate in the pipeline and the cleaning is inconvenience and have effects on the result of the test. But now the integral structure is the development direction of the instrument and the imported products mostly adopt the integral structure,and the domestic products are also slowly developed into the integral structure.
  • Optical path design issue: Optical path design is the basis of the development of laser particle analyzer, and the advantages of the imported products not only lies in the manufacturing process, but the design level of the optical path is a sign of advanced technology. Now, most of the China manufacturers adopt the simple parallel optical path design, and according to the information, the products lauched by AimSizer adopt the convergent Fourier transform optical path. This kind of optical path is a more advanced optical path, which can get gain access to wider scattering angle and has certain advantage in improving testing accuracy.

4. Basic knowledge of particle testing needed to understand

In the actual testing, the accuracy is relative, but the repeatability is absolute: in actual particle test, the testing result of the laser particle analyzer is unable to evaluate its “accuracy” or “inaccuracy” because the sample is irregular shape, and the contrastive test results are only the gains of another kind of testing instrument, and as a result, we can only say that the test results of A instrument are accurate relative to B instrument is, and we can’t say that A instrument testing result is accurate or inaccurate,

and many testers are always like to compare with Malvern,and it is accurate as long as conformity and non- conformity is not accurate, which is actually a misunderstanding. The criteria standard to judge the quality of the instrument is actually the repeatability, and for a certain sample respectively sampling test, and if the difference between the last and latter test results is small, it shows that the instrument is stable and the repeatability is good, and if the difference is big,it shows that the test result of the instrument testing is bad.

5. Field Test