510-23 What are the international standards for analysis of particle size distribution of activated carbon by air jet sieving?

The activated carbon is very suitable for particle size analysis by air flow sieve. The international standard is ASTM D5158: standard test method for measuring powder activated carbon particle size by air jet sieve. The air flow sieving test method specified in the standard covers the measurement of the powder activated carbon particle size by air jet sieving facility. To cooperate with this testing method, the particle size of the powdered activated carbon should be mostly less than 80 mesh that is 180 microns.
Measurement of activated carbon particle size distribution. In order for the gas or liquid to get proper contact within the carbon filling bed, it is necessary to know the particle size distribution of the column activated carbon. The particle size distribution will affect the adsorption rate. The testing method is: select a set of appropriate standard sieves. Weigh 100g activated carbon sample and pour it into the top sieve of the air flow sieve. Cover the sieve cover. Run the air flow sieve for 10 minutes. Then the activated carbon samples above each layer were taken and weighed. The particle size distribution of the activated carbon is obtained by calculating the percentage of the sample mass on each sieve layer to the original sample mass.

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