510-24 Simple analysis of HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve’s new function-open sieve/open mesh function.

  • The air jet sieve is a kind of experimental sieve instrument. The instrument uses air flow to drive the particles through the corresponding mesh sieve, so as to achieve the purpose of sieving. As an indispensable sieving method in the sieving family, the air flow sieving instrument has been widely used all over the world. In particular, the HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve produced by Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co.,Ltd has become the best partner of the laboratory sieving method for particle size analysis.
    Based on a great deal of scientific research and calculation, Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co.,Ltd has developed a new type of HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve. It is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of scientists and engineers in the sieving department of HMKTest company. Today let’s talk about the new function of HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve: open sieve function. The open sieve function is a bright spot in the HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve, a function that shines out to laboratory personnel who are worried about the blockage of the sieving holes.
  • Open sieve function as the name implies, is open the sieve hole. It is to prevent particles from blocking the mesh hole during the sieving process.
    First of all, we know that when sieving the particles, according to the size of the particles, particles can be divided into upper, lower sieve particles and particles which the diameter is the same as mesh hole (nearly sieve particles). The upper and lower particles won’t bother us. But the particles which the diameter is the same as mesh hole are different. These particles’ diameter is the same as mesh hole’s which easily plug the mesh hole. It not only reduces the sieve efficiency but also damages the standard sieve.
  • Buying HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve 051598, newly developed by HMKTest company will completely solve this problem. Anyone who has used an air jet sieve knows that: when the negative pressure acts on the sieve mouth, the air flow is generated, and the sieve mouth always rotates around the bottom of the standard sieve. If that were the case, wouldn’t HMKTest’s HMK200 Air Jet Sieve be unique. The function we developed is to rotate the sieve mouth forward at a certain angle, backward at a certain angle, forward a certain angle again, and then backward at a certain angle. In this process, the sieve surface with certain angle is swept for a second time, and the nearly sieve particles stuck on the sieve hole are blown again, which is then attracted and guided by the air flow and re-oriented to the sieve hole, which not only effectively prevents the sieve hole from blocking, but also facilitates those nearly sieve particles to pass through the sieve net and perfectly realize the ideal sieving. Either stay on the sieve or be sucked under it to reduce sieving time and greatly improve sieving efficiency. In this way, HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve becomes a true micron air flow sieve.
  • The development of this fuction is another significant contribution of HMKTest to the sieving field. e200LS Air Jet Sieve produced by HOSOKAWA Alpine and AS 200 jet Air Jet Sieve produced by Retsch also have the open sieve function. But their price is very high. In order to reward new and old customers, the price of HMKTest is easily accepted by customers. Please log on to our website to watch the videos of Air Jet Sieve.

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