510-107 Sieve shaker and air jet sieve

In the market there are many types of sieve shakers: such as HMKTest HMK-200 sieve shaker, SIEVEA 501 sieve shaker, SIEVEA 502 sieve shaker, Retsch AS200 sieve shaker, Retsch AS300 sieve shaker. This kind of sieves belong to laboratory sieve shaker. The working principle is to use eccentric motor, mechanical force or electromagnetic to drive the sieve net to vibrate and divide the powders into upper and lower parts. The sieve shaker is used to spate, grade and determine particle size. It is suitable for sieving powders, loose particles and suspended powders. Due to the special working principle of the sieve shaker, the lower limit of the test can be extended to below 45 microns. It is suitable for sieving and grading of solid particles: sand for moulding and molding, laundry detergent, coffee, minerals, chemicals, coal, building and filling materials, flour, seeds, metallic powder, soil, synthetic fertilizers, etc.

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieves︱Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve