201-27 Fisher sub sieve sizer of HMKTest

HMKTest sells Fisher sub sieve sizer. The type is HMK-22. According to national standard GB3249-82 test method for particle size of refractory metals and compounds-fisher’s method (the maximum pressure of the powder sample is 22.7kg), this type of fisher sub sieve sizer increases the pressure display. It is composed of a pressure sensor and digital current voltmeter, which can accurately display the gravity of the powder under pressure. This digital display is red LED digital. Any tester can make the same pressure during operation to achieve the same optimal porosity and solve the human error, so as to make the measured powder particle size value more accurate and the repeatability better. HMKTest HMK-22 Average Particle Size Meter is a commonly used average particle size meter in the market.

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HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer and Fisher Scientific Sub-sieve Sizer Model 95 Parts Supplier Price Manual