201-10 What does fisher sub sieve sizer sample weighing refer to?

The fisher sub sieve sizer sample weighing refers to the particle size measurement according to the fisher method, the required sample size is specially weighed. The average particle size measurement is slightly different from other particle size measurements in the sample size required. In the general particle size analysis method, the sample size is generally determined according to the size of the sample particles: use more in terms of lager particle size, use less in terms of smaller particle size, this is to ensure that enough particles enter the measurement area to participate in the measurement. The sample size of sub sieve sizer is determined by the specific gravity of the tested sample. If the specific gravity of sample is 7.8, then sample of 7.8g must be prepared in the test. More or less cannot get accurate results (except for special cases). Sample size must be shown in the measurement report.

HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer and Fisher Scientific Sub-sieve Sizer Model 95 Parts Supplier Price Manual