AimSizer Scientific Ltd. is a company of HMK Test, a professional in particle characterization and lab equipment.

  Product Range
  Particle Size Analyzers     Tap Density Tester   BET Surface Area Analyzer   Hall Flow Meter
  Bulk Density Apparatus     Automatic Blaine Apparatus   Tablet Friability Tester  
  Planetary Ball Mill     Vortex Touch Mixer   Moisture Analyzer   Vibrating Screen
  Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer     Scott Volumter   Air Jet Sieve   Tumbler Screening Machine
  Rotary Sample Divider     Tablet Dissolution Testing   Hand Sterilizer   Ultrasonic Cleaner
  Glove Box     Bottle Washer   Blaine Apparatus    
  A Company of HMK Test      
  ISO 9001 Certified
  CE Certified
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  > 10,0000 Customers
  > 150 Countries
  Measurement Type
  Particle Size Analysis            
  Surface Area Analysis
  Bulk Density Analysis
  Sieve Analysis
  Tablet Friability Analysis
  Flowrate Analysis    
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