510 Air jet sieve function automatic sieve identification

The fully automatic sieve identification function rules out operating errors such as sieve insert errors, etc. and consequently increases the analysis reliability.

Automatic sieve identification
Every sieve is equipped with a transponder (in a plastic clip) on which the following sieve data are stored:

  • Sieve mesh width
  • Sieve and transponder serial number
  • Sieve manufacturing date
  • Sieve standards
  • Cleaning and inspection counter for control purposes
  • This information is transmitted to the sensor (antenna) of the sieving machine via telemetric signal transmission. The sieve currently inserted is identified automatically, and all sieve data are either read out of or saved to memory.

For the user, this means that the system

  • saves having to manually enter the sieve mesh widths
  • prevents sieve insert errors
  • monitors the cleaning intervals, thus making a contribution to quality management
  • can read out the individual identification code
  • delivers proof of certification for the individual sieves
  • A prerequisite for the function of the automatic sieve identification is the transponder on the sieve (plastic clip) and the antenna on the e200 LS air jet sieve.

HMK-200 automatic sieve identification function is similar to that of e200 LS air jet sieve.

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