510-88 Which are the drug sieving machines and equipment? And air jet sieve

Drug sieving machines and equipment are specially for sieving drug API, that is the sieving machines and equipments for original drugs. At present, there are the following categories commonly used:

air jet sieving machine AIR-200

air jet sieving machine AIR-200

  • The air jet sieve. This kind of sieving machines uses air jet sieving method to sieve drugs. This kind of sieving machines sieve according to the 2015 edition of Chinese pharmacopoeia. This sieving standard is the most popular method of drug sieving in the world. At present, HMKTest HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve is the most popular in the market.
  • The electromagnetic vibrating sieve. The sieve uses electromagnetic vibrations to sieve drugs. At present, HMKTest SIEVEA 502 Sieve is the most popular.
  • Eccentric motor vibration sieve. This sieve uses the eccentric motor to generate three-dimensional vibration to achieve the purpose of drug sieving. At present, the HMKTest SIEVEA 501 is widely used in the market.

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