510-68 Second hand Air Jet Sieve

Second hand air jet sieve is not common in the market, but there are still some which are eliminated by big enterprises after transformation. Second hand air jet sieves are mainly imported high-end air jet sieve, most of which are from German or Japan, or UK. HMKTest AIR-200 Air Jet Sieve’s price is reasonable. It is meaningful for those who want to buy second hand air jet sieve, i.e. used air jet sieve.

HMK-200 series air jet sieve

AIR-200 series air jet sieve

AIR-200 air jet sieve is a lab sieving machine used to measure particle size distribution of powdered materials. It is divided into 2 models: AIR-200 Economic Air Jet Sieve Part No.51098A and AIR-200 Standard Air Jet Sieve 51298A. The former meets basic requirement on air jet sieving and the latter is designed for offering user more powerful air jet sieving experience.

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieves︱Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve

used air jet sieve, second hand air jet sieve AIR-200 air jet sieve



  1. silvia wang 2019-11-23

    HMK-200 or 510-68 send hand air jet sieve , pls send the catalogue and quotation to our email