510-60 Special particle size analyzer-air jet sieve for plastic materials PC-makrolon

Special particle size analyzer for plastic PC-makronlon is air jet sieve. Density: 1.20-1.22 g/cm. Linear expansivity: 3.8×10 cm/cm°C. Distortion temperature: 135°C. Low temperature -45°C. Bisphenol A is released easily and is harmful to human health. Do not heat or bask in the sun when using. Polycarbonate is colorless transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant BI class. It has good mechanical properties within ordinary using temperature.  Compared with polymethyl methacrylate with similar properties, polycarbonate has better impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance and it has retardant performance UL94 V-0 class without additives. However, the price of polymethyl methacrylate is lower than that of polycarbonate, and large devices can be produced by bulk polymerization. With the increasing production scale of polycarbonate, the price difference between polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate is decreasing day by day. This property determines that only air jet sieve can be used to analyze the particle size accurately.

jet sieve analyzer AIR-200

jet sieve analyzer AIR-200

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieves︱Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve