510-56 Special particle size analyzer for plastic materials-PP-polypropylene-air jet sieve

The special particle size analyzer is neither laser particle size analyzer nor sedimentation particle size analyzer. It is a particle size analyzer in sieving method which is called airflow sieve. This sieving method is neither the general mechanical nor electromagnetic sieving method. It is the air jet sieving method. Plastic material-PP-polypropylene is non-toxic, tasteless, low density. Its strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low-pressure polyethylene. It can be used at about 100 degrees. It has good electrical properties and high frequency insulation and not affected by humidity, but get brittle, not wear resistant, easy to aging in low temperature. It is suitable to be made as general mechanical parts, corrosion resistant parts and insulation parts. Common organic solvents of acid and alkali have little effect on it and it can be used in food utensils. This property determines that only the airflow sieve like HMK-200 air jet sieve can analyze the particle size accurately.

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieves︱Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve