510-46 The air jet sieve made in USA-MAJSx Air Jet Sieve

MAJSx Air Jet Sieve is made in USA. It has touch display screen the same as HMK-200 Intelligent Air Jet Sieve. It can match electronic scale, standard sieve and sample collector which are produced by HOSOKAWA company from Japan.

Accurate powder particle size test

Mikro Air Jet Sieve-X type is a powder particle size instrument both considers accuracy and repeatability. It is designed to detect the particle size of 20μm to 4750μm dry powder

Air Jet Sieve

Product feature:
An economical and effective method for particle size test
High accuracy and repeatability
Applicable to chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries
Dry powder particle size detection range:20um-4750um
The network storage space can be used to record and store data automatically
The data can be derived in the form of linear tables, logarithmic tables and 罗申-冉    勒 coefficient tables
The particle size can be calculated accurately from 0.01 to 99.99% by using the 罗  申-冉勒 coefficient table
Computer can store complete data for later data recovery
Pneumatic sieving can effectively disperse condensed particles
Sample weight per time 10g-100g


Design feature:
A built-in computer with touch screen
Intuitive operation interface
Automatic negative pressure adjustment
100-230V,50/60Hz power supply
The sieving chamber and air passage are made of stainless steel
the rotating nozzle close to the bottom of the sieve net can effectively disperse the material
Test sieving net in accordance with ASTM standard
Main engine dimension:5” width x10.5” length x7.5” height
Main engine weight:21 pounds
Long service life and short down time
Meet the ergonomic design
Independent inlet/outlet connection channels


Accessories/optional accessories:

Cyclone collector of 98% recovery rate and 10μm recovery accuracy
the sieve net which adapter is suitable for 200mm/203mm
Composite sieve net adapter, can detect 3 kinds of samples at the same time
The safe and durable and reliable negative pressure dust collector
High efficiency particle air filter
Brush, sieve net cover, hammer
Accurate electronic balance
Authentication service

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