510-43 SLS200 Air Jet Sieve

The same with HMK-200 Intelligent Touch Screen Air Jet Sieve, the SLS 200 Air Jet Sieve is designed for rapid and accurate sieving of fine powder (20um~4000um) in modern laboratories. Because the fine powder with particle size less than 4000μm is prone to agglomeration, static electricity and clogging the sieve net in the sieving process, the traditional vibration sieving instrument has been unable to complete accurate and rapid sieving of such fine powder. These fine powder include coating, cement, coal ash powder, flour, Chinese and western medicine fine powder, glass fiber fine powder and other materials. SLS 200 and HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve both adopt specially designed rotating air jet groove and electrostatic removal device to perfectly meet the rapid and accurate sieving results. It is widely used in chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, food, rubber, plastic, machinery, mining and other industries powder material sieving and grading. HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve is widely used in domestic market, and has a large number of customers in the international market.

HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve

HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve

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