510-39 The price of air jet sieve

The price of air jet sieve has always been a great concern of the majority of users. Because the air jet sieve is foreign invention, when entering the Chinese market, it is easy to produce a price monopoly. What factors determine the price of the air jet sieve? First is the source channel. That is whether it is imported or homemade. Generally speaking, the imported ones are expensive. At present, on domestic market, the highest price of the imported ones can reach one hundred of thousands yuan even two hundred of thousands yuan. Second, look at the function of the air jet sieve to buy. The price of the air jet sieve with the most advanced current functions, such as HMKTest HMK-200 Intelligent Touch Screen Air Jet Sieve, is higher than that of the HMK-200 economical Type. The old type, even manual, air jet sieves are much cheaper. Whether or not adopt the most advanced air sieving technology will determine whether the products meet the latest international standards.

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