510-38 The several selling points of foreign air jet sieve?

AS we all know, in terms of air jet sieve, most of them are made in foreign countries and expensive. Then what are the advantages of foreign air jet sieve producer?

air jet sieve screens AIR-200

air jet sieve screens AIR-200

  • First is touch screen. Touch screen air jet sieve is easy to operate, and it is in line with the trend of the times.
  • Second is air pressure. The presence of touch screens makes it more intuitive and convenient to display air pressure in real time. Because for some samples, the ideal sieving pressure is constant.
  • Third is timing function. When the time comes, the air jet sieve will stop automatically, which saves a lot of time for operators and no need to wait for it.
  • The fourth is air jet sieve nozzle speed adjustment. The sieving efficiency is greatly improved by using different rotating speeds for different samples.
  • The fifth is nozzle rotation mode. The air jet sieve with open mesh function is expensive. Because the function of open mesh can effectively prevent particles from blocking the sieve net, it not only improves the sieving efficiency but also extends the service life of the sieve net.
  • The sixth is automatic calculation function. After sieving, the air jet sieve can automatically display the sieving results.

The HMK-200 Intelligent Air Jet Sieve 051598 produced by HMKTest has all of the above 6 functions.

HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve is a laboratory air flow sieve used to measure the particle size distribution of powders. It is composed of operation panel, sieve plate, standard sieve, nozzle, motor and vacuum. It is controlled through 7 inch LCD screen. Display the working status of the instrument in real time. The instrument can be connected to the electronic scale through the RS-232 interface. The built-in microprocessor can automatically calculate the results. The manufacturer and provider is Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co, Ltd. The HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve is designed and manufactured by international advanced sieving technology. The main parameters and performance of the instrument are consistent with the imported instrument. Moreover, the price of the instrument is reasonable and the supporting services are perfect. HMKTest has become the world’s preferred brand for laboratory particle size sieving analysis and procurement.

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