510-25 What other sieving methods are available besides the air jet sieve method (air jet sieve method or negative pressure sieve method)? Air jet sieve

Besides the air jet sieve method used by HMK-200, sieve methods also include regular manual sieve, mechanical sieve, wet sieve, sound sieve method, panning sieve method and self-assembly sieve, etc. Among these methods, mechanical sieve is a kind of popular sieve method at present. HMKTest produces good quality and low price mechanical sieve method instruments.

Manual sieve: manual sieve is an old sieve method which cost more time. It is a necessary method to obtain reliable dry sieving data. Put the material into the sieve and add the bottom and cover. Tap the sieve frame while sieving (similar to a beating sieve in the mechanical sieve), 125~150 strikes per minute. Turn the sieve 1/8 round every 25 strikes. After sieving for 10 minutes, replace a bottom which catch the material, then sieve for more 5 minutes. Through weighing, if the amount of passing fine material per minute within the next 5 minutes is less than 0.1% of the amount of feeding, the sieving is qualified. That is to reach the sieving end point.

Mechanical sieve: This sieve saves a lot of manpower and time compared to manual sieve. Commonly used are:

Eccentric motor vibration sieve method

SIEVEA 501 vibration sieve

Electromagnetic vibration sieve method

SIEVEA 502 electromagnetic vibration sieve

Mechanical flapping and vibration sieve

SIEVEA 503 standard flapping sieve

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