510-20 German Retsch AS200jet Air Jet Sieve

Retsch is the same with HMKTest. It is a German laboratory equipment manufacturing company. Retsch produces air jet sieve of type AS200jet. Besides air jet sieve, Retsch also produce other sieve instrument such as mechanical vibrating sieve, electromagnetic vibrating sieve, ultrasonic vibrating sieve and so on. The products and production lines of HMKTest are basically consistent with those of German Retsch, covering the common instruments for powder treatment and measurement. HMKTest HMK-200 Intelligent Touch Screen Air Jet Sieve’s (product number 051598) function is the same with that of Retsch.

Efficient and mild quality control of fine particles
German Retch AS200jet is the same with HMKTest HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve, which is designed for sieving analysis of small particles with low density and easy aggregation. Suitable for analysis sieve with aperture of 10 microns and above. The sieving process is gentle and requires no non-mechanical sieving accessories. Average sieving time is 2-3 minutes. Typical application includes building materials, flour, spices, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

Specifications of German Retsch AS200Jet:
▲ Air flow sieving principle
▲ test range: 10um-4mm
▲ Maximum load: 3KG
▲ Amplitude/rotate speed:fixed,280min-1 ,150taps
▲ Suitable mesh diameter:200mm/8”
Main features of German Retsch AS200Jet:
The sieving process of air sieve is mild and efficient, which can effectively prevent particle agglomeration. AS200jet is suitable for grading, sieving and quality control of micron-sized powder particles, with a minimum of up to 10um. Unique OPEN MESH function can spate the particles with similar size to the mesh so as to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the sieving process. AS200Jet needs to be used in conjunction with Retsch analysis sieve of diameter 203mm.

Overview of HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve
HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve is a laboratory airflow sieve used to measure the distribution pf powder particle size. It consists of operating panel, sieve tray, standard sieve, nozzle, motor and vacuum cleaner. Control through 7 inch LCD display, real time display of the working status of the instrument. This instrument can be connected to the electronic scale through the RS-232 interface. The result can be calculated automatically by the built-in microprocessor. Instrument manufacturer and supplier is Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co.,Ltd. HMK-200 adopts international sieve technology to design and manufacture. The main parameter performance of the instrument is consist with that of foreign instrument. This instrument price is reasonable, supporting service is perfect. HMKTest has become the first choice in the world of laboratory particle size air sieve analysis and procurement.

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