510-116 Henan air jet sieve

The same with HMKTest air jet sieve, Micron air jet sieve uses air jet dynamic sieving principle to improve the accuracy and repeatability of particle size analysis. The use of this instrument has become the preferred method to ensure the quality of raw materials and to confirm the final product specifications.



HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve

Through the rectangular nozzle at the top of the rotating rod, the system vacuum guide upward airflow is used to wash the sieve net and roll powder samples on the sieve net. The airflow clears the clogging of the sieve net and break up the clump fine powder. Powder particles smaller than the mesh size will follow the vacuum air flow through sieve net and then be collected in the vacuum cleaner or collector selected by HMKTest. The collection efficiency can reach 99.99%. Accurate particle size range from 20μm to 4750μm can be rapidly determined.

This unique rotating rod method eliminates the need to tap or brush the sieve net. Repeatability of measurement can be increased by controlling system pressure drop and sieving time.

In addition, the same with HMKTest air jet sieve, the Micron air jet sieve operates more quietly, cleanly and requires far less space than similar instruments or equipments. HMKTest air jet sieve is the choice of the industry when it is necessary to determine absolutely reliable particle size and particle size distribution.

Basic system components:

-Dust collector(4 gallon collecting ability)

-Sieve net cover

-Sieve net hammer

-Sieve net brush

Optional accessories include:

-Certified stainless steel sieve net with 200mm diameter with mesh from 20μm to 4750μm

-Cyclone dust catcher

-Fine powder collection filter box

-Micro sieve net adapter kit

-Dust collector(6.6 gallon collecting ability )

-HEPA filters attached to dust collector

Advanced Micron air jet sieve MAJSc type

The enhanced features of this type’s function include:

-User friendly software for sample data input and setting MAJS Air Jet Sieve processing condition.

-Provides linear, logarithmic, and 罗申冉勒式charts.

-Be able to calculate particle size from D0.10 % to D99.99 %.

-Store the measurement results for future data retrieval.

-Data can be transferred to Microsoft Excel tables.

-No.1 and No.2 of MAJS version can updated to MAJSc through easy factory.

-Use compatible software, Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP.

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieves︱Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve