510-1 What is Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve combined of?

510-1 What is Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve combined of?

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieve by HMKTest

AIR-200 Air Jet Sieve by HMKTest

The sieve tray of Micron Air Jet sieve is usually suitable for 8 inches standard test sieve, which is the standard test sieve with diameter of 200mm. In China, we usually choose 200mm diameter standard seive and make it adapt to international standards and sieve tray through sealing ring. The nozzle can be made of stainless steel which can greatly improve the safety and corrosion resistance. This makes HMKTest HMK-200 Micron Air Jet Sieve  more suitable for screening food, medicine, resin, coal ash or chemicals.

The motor directly controls the speed of the nozzle and can adjust the speed according to different materials.

Vacuum cleaner is used to generate negative pressure, which helps to sieve effeciently.

HMK-200  Micron air Jet Sieve is combined of

  • Micron air jet sieve Basic device,
  • High-resolution capacitive 7″ IPS multi touch screen,
  • Vacuum cleaner class L,
  • Acrylic glass lid,
  • Operating manual,
  • Tapper, brush
HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve

HMK-200 Micron Air Jet Sieve


AIR-200 Air Jet Sieves︱Alpine Micron Air Jet Sieve

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