Why is the average particle size analyzer called sub sieve sizer?201-69

The average particle size analyzer uses the air permeability method to quickly measure the dry powders’ average particle size, which is also known as the fisher number . This instrument is composed of air pump, dryer, sample tube, porous plug, voltage regulator, pressure gauge, reading chart, sub sieve sizer calibrator, pressure calibrator. The average particle size analyzeris called sub sieve sizer from its measuring range. The effective measurement range of HMKTest HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve sizer is 0.2-50 micrometer. We don’t talk about the lower limit which is 0.2μm, let’s talk about the upper limit which is 50μm. According to the development of human industrial history, the first equipment for particle size testing is the sieving method, which is effective and direct. However, the sieving method is less effective for particles smaller than 45μm. The level of 45μm particle diameter is called sub sieve level. The word “sub” means to be inferior to. Here, it means it is inferior to the sieving method. Because the particle range measured by average particle size analyzer is in the range that cannot be reached by the sieving method, the average particle size analyzer is also called sub sieve sizer.

201-14 What are the fisher sub sieve sizer manufacturers in Dandong?

Fisher sub sieve sizer porous plug

Fisher sub sieve sizer porous plug

HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer and Fisher Scientific Sub-sieve Sizer Model 95 Parts Supplier Price Manual