201-39 Air permeability method fisher sub sieve sizer

Fisher sub sieve sizer and laser particle size analyzer are particle size analyzers widely used in the field of powder. The measurements results of both can be expressed in microns, but the results are not comparable. Investigate its reason, the working principles of both are different. For instruments with different working principles, there is no comparability, just like the differences before the unification of weights and measures. The fisher sub sieve sizer is operated according to the principle of air permeability method. In essence, it measures not the particles themselves, but the gaps between them. But this kind of clearance is also determined by the size of particles, large particles, large clearance, air through more. Small particles, small clearance, air through less. The working principle of laser particle size meter is scattering phenomenon of particles by laser. Large particles, small scattering angel, small particles, large scattering angle. The scattering signal is collected by detectors at different positions, so as to obtain the particle size distribution. The shape of particles has a great influence on the accuracy of measurement. The fisher sub sieve sizer requires each particle to be roughly round and close to an equal circle. The equivalent diameter is used in the laser particle size analyzer, that is, the particle is assumed to be round. But the more irregular the particle shape is, the less accurate the measurement is. As for the application scope of the two. In some specific fields, such as magnetic materials, cemented carbide, powder metallurgy, pharmacy, etc. Fisher sub sieve sizer is very widely used in many fields. For more information about the fisher sub sieve sizer please visit the HMKTest HMK-22 Fisher sub sieve sizer.

201-17 introduction of fisher sub sieve sizer U-shaped pressure gauge

201-17 introduction of fisher sub sieve sizer U-shaped pressure gauge

HMK-22 Fisher Sub-sieve Sizer and Fisher Scientific Sub-sieve Sizer Model 95 Parts Supplier Price Manual