301-1 What are powder bulk density divided into and tap density tester?

Loose density is for powders. Powder bulk density is generally divided into apparent density and tapped density.

Apparent density is usually measured by funnel method. No external force is applied to the powder, and gravity alone makes it flow freely into a certain size funnel. After passing through the funnel hole, the powder flows freely into the measuring cup (usually without scale, but the volume is known). After the flow is completed, the cup mouth is scraped flat, and the apparent bulk density of the powder is obtained by dividing the mass f the powder by the volume. It is recommended to use HMKTest LABULK series loose density meter, all of which have been calibrated by international standards, and the measurement results are traceable. There are different density meter for different industries.

Tap density refers to the state of loose powder after a certain vibration process. The tap density is generally a mechanical device (it is recommended to use HMKTest tap density meter) to make the container (generally a graduated measuring cylinder) move vertically up and down, that is, vibration measuring cylinder. After the powder reaches the times, frequency and vibration height specified in the standard, the mass of the powder is measured and divided by the volume after tapping to obtain the tap density of the powder.

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