302-1 How to use a scott volumeter

AS-200 Scott Volunteer Price USD 399

1.AS-200 Scott Volumeter Introduction

    • AS-200 scott volumeter is a standardized product to measure the apparent density of bulk powders.
AS-200 Scott Volunteer Price USD 399

AS-200 Scott Volunteer Price USD 399

2.AS-200 Scott Volumeter Principle

    • ut powder on the sieve set in the funnel complex, then the powder flow naturally or being driven into the chamber, passing four steel chips at angle of 25 degree and square funnel until being loaded into the Cylinder Cup with identified volume. Finally weigh the loaded bulk powder.

3.AS-200 Scott Volumeter Structure

    • 3.1 Top Funnel Complex: Made up of two cone-shaped stainless funnels, between them a stainless sieve (Dia.1.18mm) is set in
    • 3.2 Chamber: the transect is square,4 glass sheet are set in the aluminum frame, the front and back side is synthetic glass; stainless steel boards are independent for easy cleaning
    • 3.3 Square Funnel: Made up of stainless steel sheet (Thickness 1mm) at angle of 60degree, bottom size is 12.5mm×12.5mm
    • 3.4 Cylinder Cup volume 25ml, net weight 46±1, made in stainless steel
    • 3.5 Iron Base:Support top funnel complex, chamber, square funnel and cylinder cup.
    • 3.6 Scale: Weigh powder to the accuracy of 0.05g (user has to prepare)

4.AS-200 Scott Volumeter Sampling Procedure

    • 4.1 For each sample to be tested, take at least 100cm³ and divide into 3 portions.
    • 4.2 Usually, test the bulk powder as it is. For special ones user has to dry it. Dry powders subject to oxidize in vacuum or inert gases. Drying is not allowed on samples subject to volatize.

5.AS-200 Scott Volumeter Test Procedures

    • 5.1 Take sample carefully on spoon and put them on the sieve in the Top Funnel Complex. The powder passes through the Chamber, Square Funnel and finally is loaded in the Cylinder Cup, stop loading if power spills.


    • 5.2 Brush powders that fail to freely pass the sieve. If it is really difficult or not possible, user has to use other device other than AS-200.
    • 5.3 Level the surface of the Cylinder Cup with a spatula. Please do not press the inner powder or taking them out, or shake or vibrate the Cylinder Cup.


    • 5.4 After leveling, tap the Cylinder Cup gently to make the powder sag. Please do not lost powder in transit or leave powder on outer surface of the Cup.
    • 5.5 Weigh the inner powder to the accuracy of 0.05 gram.


6. AS-200 Scott Volumeter Calculation

    • The formula is as follows:


    • In which: ρas: bulk density determined by AS-200 Scott Volumeter, g/cm³,
    • M: mass of metallic powder, g;
    • V: volume of bulk powder, cm³.
    • Average three results to the accuracy of 0.01g/cm³ and take it as the final results. In case of deviations 1% more than the averaged results, please note down the Max. and the Min.
    • Please see more at AS-200 Scott Volumeter

7. AS-200 Scott Volumeter Test Report

  • For users with AS-100 Tap Density Tester, such procedure becomes much easier. Simply set Tap Number 0 and Volume 25, input Weight as it is then press Calculate to show the results, then press Print for Test Report.
  • For users don’t have AS-100, please note down manually the following:
  • 6.1 sample specifications;
  • 6.2 sample processing;
  • 6.3 test results;
  • 6.4 operator;
  • 6.5 other info.
AS-200 Scott Volunteer Price USD 399

AS-200 Scott Volunteer Price USD 399

AS-200 Scott Volunteer Price USD 399