Scott Volumeter is a typical apparent density tester being widely used in powder testing applications. It is used to determine the apparent density(scott density) of free-flowing powders.

AS-200 Scott Volumeter conforms to ASTM B 329, ASTM B 873, ISO 3923 - 2, EP and USP Chapter 616 II
A Scott Volumeter consists of a base and support, an upper funnel, 4 glass baffles, a bottom funnel, a density cup etc.
AS-200 is designed for bulk powder applications such as paint and pigment, pharmaceutical and metal powder etc.
complete stainless steel scott volumeter



  •  - Top funnel: stainless steel,meets ASTM/ISO/USP/EP
  •  - Baffle box: stainless steel
  •  - Baffle plate: 4 glass plates
  •  - Bottom funnel: stainless steel
  •  - Density cup: 25 cm3, volume calibrated
  •  - Stand: stainless steel or aluminium
Scott Volumeter Principle
  • Measurement of the mass of a certain quantity of powder which in a loose condition exactly fills a cup of known volume. The loose condition is obtained by using a scott volumeter, when filling the cup, by cascading the powder over a series of inclined plates in a Scott Volumeter. The ratio between the mass and the volume represents the apparent density. This is the definition of the apparent density obtained by bulk density tester.

Scott Volumeter Video

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