Labulk-0317 Aluminium Oxide Bulk Density Tester


Labulk-0317 Aluminium Oxide Bulk Density Tester is used to measure the untamped density of aluminium oxide powders.



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  • Determination of the mass of a known volume of aluminium oxide collected after allowing it to fall freely into a stationary container, avoiding vibration.
  • Expression of the untamped density by division of this mass by the mass of an equal volume of water.
  • -Funnel, of diameter 10 cm and angle 60 degree, with a stem of length 8 mm and aperture diameter of 6 mm.
  • -Cylindrical container, of capacity approximately 200 ml, with a ratio of internal diameter to internal length 1/6 approximately.
  • -Suitable stand and ring support, to allow the funnel to be set to a predetermined height above the top level of the cylindrical container.

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Aluminium Oxide

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