Labulk-0306 Plastics Materials Apparent Density Apparatus


Labulk-0306 Plastics Materials Apparent Density Apparatus is produced as per ASTM D1895 method C, it is used to measure the apparent density of materials supplied in the form of coarse flakes, chips, cut fibers, or strands. Such materials cannot be poured through the funnels described in ASTM D1895 Test Methods A and B. Also, since they ordinarily are very bulky when loosely poured and since they usually are compressible to a lesser bulk, even by hand, a measure of their density under a small load is appropriate and useful.



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  • Measureing cylinder, 1000mL, ID 90mm
  • Plunger, mass 2300±20g
  • Balance, optional, accurate to 0.1g

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Bulk Density

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