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Buy Together HMK14-DZ Test Sieve Shaker - HMK-200 Air Jet Sieve Sizer - HMK-BS1-75 Standard Test Sieve

HMK-BS1-200 Standard Test Sieve is diveded into Metal Wire Cloth Test Sieve and Perforated Metal Plate Test Sieve by screen surface material.

-Metal Wire Cloth Test Sieve is manufactured according to ISO3310-1 Test Sieves--Technical Requirements and Testing - Part 1: Test Sieves of Metal Wire Cloth.The mesh size is 2.36mm-0.038mm,completely meet international standards ISO3310-1:1990 R20/3,R20,R40/3

-Perforated Metal Plate Test Sieve is manufactured according to Test sieves -- Technical requirements and testing -- Part 2: Test sieves of perforated metal plate,completely meet international standards ISO3310-2:1990 R20/3、R20、R40/3

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-HMK-BS1-200 Standard Test Sieve wire cloth is availble to be made of brass,tin bronze or stainless steel.
-Perforated Metal Plate Test Sieve is made of copper and produced by electrochemical machining.
-The frame,cover and bottom is made of refined quality stainless steel.

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-Particle size analysis of granular materials
-Screening inspection of granular materials of Abrasive, to Kansas, metallurgy, pharmacopoeia, chemical building materials etc.

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Demo Video
Test Sieve
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