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HMK18 Tumbler Screening Machine (Tumbler Screener) is a sieving machine. More than an ordinary sieving equipment, HMK18 performs a highly-efficient tumbler screening. Such sieving machine price is not high compared to other screening machine for sale since it is a tumbler screening machine from AimSizer China. It is designed for robust purpose, large output and high precision requirement of fine powder. As we all know the most efficient manual sieving is done by a person coordinating both eyes and hands at the same time. HMK-18 Tumbler Screening Machine/Tumbler Screener is the mechanical simulation of such effective motion. It works well for all fine or even ultra fine powders as well as those very difficult to sieve. It is specially designed with high working efficiency for powders in applications of Metallurgy, Chemicals, food and spice, platic, minerals, pharma, wood and plywood, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar and salt, renewable industries etc.



Cleaing Mesh Cloth by Turning Brush

Cleaning Mesh Cloth by Bouncing Balls

Cleaning Mesh Cloth by Ultrsound

Standard Strong Plywood Box for Export


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Tumbler Screening Machine Structure & Principle
  • - Basic swivel motion simulates manual sieving. Eccentricity is adjustable from 25-40mm; low-speed V belt is adjustable from 120-360rpm
  • - For each kind of powder, the stay time can be changed by adjusing radially or tangentially along the driving axis direction
  • - Three-dimensional tumbling motion is realized both horizontally and throwingly. The powder is thus distributed evenly on the screening surface in the Tumbler Screening Machine/Tumbler Screener and being transported in spiral movement in the axis direction. Fine particles therefore pass through the cloth accurately.
  • - Both the horizontal and perpendicular acceleration speeds increase with the motion of the particles. The particles smaller than sieve pore separate successfully with the big particles and the big particles are transported to the exit at the same time. An adjustable guiding device is over there to control the flow rate, it also determines the stay time of the powder.
  • - According to the number of tier, above sieving motions are repeated at the same time on each tier.
  • The output of HMK18 Tumbler Screening Machine / Tumbler Screener in unit area amounts to 5 times of those output by normal sieving techniques. The number of tier can be as more as 6 with sieving efficiency as high as 90-95 percent. The tumbler screener works with effective cloth cleaning device such as bouncing ball made of silicon or ultrasonic as well as rotating brush in order to give the screen cloth a highly efficient cleaning and prevent the screening pore from being blocked. The HMK18 is closed with dust-free design to give the operator a safe operation. The accelerating speed is 4.5 times less than vibrating sieves and such design contribute to the life time of the sieving parts and makes for low cost maintenance. The noise is less than 75dB. The balancing status is optimized and the dynamic load on the foundation is low.
  • Metallurgy, Chemical, food and spice, platic, minerals, pharma, wood and plywood, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar and salt, renewable industries etc. Please ask us for your special use on definite powders or industries.
HMK18-800 HMK18-1000 HMK18-1200 HMK18-1600 HMK18-2000
1 0.45 0.68 1.1 1.80 2.9
2 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5
3 >=0.64 >=0.81 >=1.57 >=2.50 >=3.24
4 1.1 1.5 2.2 2.2 4.0
5 a.b.c a.b.c a.b.c a.b.c a.b.c
6 >=95 >=95 >=95 >=95 >=95
7 410 460 840 890 1250
  • 1.Screen area (m2/tier)
  • 2.Tier number
  • 3.Space requirement (m2)
  • 4.Power (kW)
  • 5.Cloth cleaning method
  • 6.Sieving efficiency (%)
  • 7.Weight (kg)
  • a.Bouncing ball
  • b.Rotating brush
  • c.Ultrasonic
  • In case user has his particular requirements please feel free to let us know and we will quote reasonable price.

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