HMK-2101 Vortex Touch Mixer


The Vortex Touch Mixer is used to quickly mix the solution and is widely used in the laboratories of medium and large institutions, environmental protection unit, scientific research unit, health unit, epidemic prevention unit, metallurgy unit, chemical engineering unit, etc.



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  • - Power supply voltage:220 V/110V50/60Hz
  • - Motor power: 25W
  • - Rotating frequency :3000 r/min
  • - This instrument is the ideal equipment mainly for the test which has small solution, high viscosity and fast uniform speed and can only be balanced in test tube, colorimetric tube, medium and small triangular bottle.
  • - This instrument not only solves the problem that the stirrer can not solve, but also saves a lot of labor.
  • - The principle of the instrument is that the motor will drive the eccentric rotation to achieve the purpose of oscillation.

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Vortex Touch Mixer

How to use vortex touch mixer
  • - when using the instrument, please check whether the machine parts are complete.
  • - Turn on the power switch, start working
  • - In works, according to the pressure in the hands, the solution in the test tube can be quickly or slowly mixed and balanced.
  • - When using the test tube and colorimetric tube, the solution can not exceed 1/2 of the tube volume, and when the solution needing to be balanced is more, please use a triangle bottle.
  • - To ensure safety, when the use ends, please turn off the power, and instrument should be kept clean and dry and it is strictly prohibited to solution into the machine to avoid mechanical damage.

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