Particle Size Analyzers

AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer

HMK-200/200e Air Jet Sieving

HMK-0501 Test Sieve Shaker

Powder Flowability Testers

AS-300 Hall Flowmeter

Labulk-0315 Metallic Powders Gustavsson Flow Meter

AS-6393 Powder Tester

Labulk-0313 Surface Active Agents Angle of Repose Tester

Bulk Density Testers

AS-100 Tap Density Tester

AS-200 Scott Volumeter

LABULK 0308 Apparent Density Tester

LABULK 0307 Apparent Density Tester


HMK-2001 Rotary Sample Divider

HMK-1901 Planetary Ball Mill

HMK-1601 Tablet Friability Tester

AS-3012 Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

HMK-2101 Vortex Touch Mixer

HMK-19 Vibrating Screening Machine

HMK-GF2 Ultrasonic Vibrating Machine

HMK-18 Tumbler Screening Machine

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