If your business is about fine powder, particle materials, such as glycine, pharmaceutical intermediates, ceramics, chemicals, pigment, explosive material, food, printing ink, latex, mental powder, coating, coated paper, medicine, plastic, coating powder, wasted oil, etc, HMK-GF2 Ultrasonic Vibrating Machine will optimize your products' quality and add your business order through professional angle of view and machine.

HMK-GF2 Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve is able to convert electric energy with 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz into high-frequency electric energy with 18K Hz and then put it into ultrasonic energy exchanger to change into mechanical vibration with 18KHz and attains the purpose of high-efficiency sieving and cleaning mesh, which makes it easy to sieve the superfine powder.

This system uses a low amplitude, high frequency ultrasonic vibrating wave(mechanical wave)on the sieve mesh by the traditional vibrating sieve to improve the sieving abilities of superfine powder. This product is suitable for users who demand high additional value and fine powder.







This machine can deal with the materials that other machinese can't handle of.eg: Carborundum, Brown just jade, White just jade, Molybdenum powder, Tungsten powder, Tweezer, powder, Cobalt powder, Stainless steel powder, Alloy powder, Pigment powder, Quartz powder, Emery sand, Electricity powder, Laser powder, Aluminum powder. Electrolyse copper power, Rubbing powder, Fire-proof materials, Luminous powder and Glass bead etc.

In case user has his particular requirements please feel free to let us know and we will quote reasonable price.

Sieves, Screeners, Separators Products

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