AS-400 Natural Accumulation Bulk Density Volumeter and Flow Rate Measurement


AS-400 Natural Accumulation Bulk Density Volumeter is designed and manufactured according to International Norm ISO 3923-1 Methods of Dust Character Test-Part 3: Determination of Bulk Density-Natual Bulk Method.



  • Let powder freely fall from the aperture of the funnel at specific height until fill up the measuring cup, weigh the bulk powder in specific volume, which is the bulk density.
  • Funnel (aperture diameter 12.7mm)
  • - It is made of stainless steel with taper 60o±0.5o
  • Sealing Pole
  • - It is made of stainless steel used to seal the aperture before loading.
  • Scale (optional)
  • - Max weighing capability 100 g;precision0.02 g
  • Measuring cup
  • - A 100ml stainless steal measuring cup is provided (internal diameter 39mm)
  • Spatula
  • - Stainless steel, used to scrape off excessive powder after loading.
  • It is used to determine the bulk density of powder. And it also can be used to measure the flow rate of bulk powders on relative comparison basis.

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